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RCD Pricing Packages

Specifically made for you

  • Basic Package

    Pick-Up and Delivery Only
    • Will pick-up and deliver furniture or large appliances Only
    • $135
    • Mileage fee for 20 miles or more from pick-up location
  • Plus Package

    Pick-Up, Deliver, and Assemble
    • Pick-up, deliver, and assemble (beds, chairs, sectionals)
    • Mileage fee for over 20 miles from pick-up location
  • Basic Moving Package

    Basic Move
    • Will come and move items from house to new destination
    • Will come and move items from storage to house
    • Will come and move items from house to storage
    • Additional fee for large items such as vehicles, boats, etc.
    • Mileage fee for any move over 20 miles
    • Additional $125 hourly fee
    • $15 off first moving service only
  • RCD- Special Package

    Packing and Unpacking Moving Service
    • Includes packing items for move for customer
    • Includes unpacking items for customer
    • Supply packing supplies, if needed.
    • Home consultation for multiple room homes
    • Phone consultation for price and type of service
    • Base $150 charge for delivery
    • Prices may vary
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